Industries We Serve

Friedman Industries proudly works with the following industries:

Friedman Industries supplies quality goods and services for the following industries. We pride ourselves on helping our customers succeed by consistently providing a high quality, competitive product with quick delivery.
  • Transportation: Involves the movement of goods via rail, barge, truck and utility trailer.
  • Steel buildings: Refers to the design, fabrication, and construction of structures made primarily of steel, including commercial, industrial, and residential buildings.
  • Containers and tanks: Includes the production of storage containers and tanks, often made of steel, that are used to store solids, liquids or gases.
  • Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs): Companies that manufacture products or components that are used in other companies’ products. In the context of the steel industry, this could refer to companies that produce machinery, equipment, or other components used in steel manufacturing or processing.
  • Steel and pipe distributors: Companies that distribute steel and pipe products to other businesses or end-users.
  • Energy – Exploration/Production: Refers to the process of searching for and extracting oil, gas, and other natural resources from the earth.
  • Energy – Pipelines/Midstream: Refers to the transportation and storage of oil, gas, and other natural resources through pipelines and other midstream infrastructure.
  • Foundation piling: Involves the installation of piles, typically made of steel or concrete, to support structures such as buildings, bridges, and offshore platforms.
  • Pressure and mechanical pipe applications: Refers to the use of pipes, often made of steel, for various applications that involve high pressure or mechanical stress, such as in the water well industry or in industrial processes.
  • Structural pipe applications: Refers to the use of pipes, often made of steel, as structural components in building and construction projects.