Friedman Industries Sustainability Statement

Friedman Industries understands our important role in support of the long-term sustainability of the metals supply chain and manufacturing industries. Our role between Steel Producers who  are investing significant resources towards decarbonization of their processes and the final consumer who are increasingly demanding a sustainable product reflect the need to ensure we are also focused on reduction in our GHG emissions. 

The U.S. metals production and supply chain industries are global leaders in low greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions intensity. Through our fifty plus year history we have been committed to providing our clients with the most efficient supply chain for their products. To that end, we have embarked on a baseline GHG emissions accounting initiative, in accordance with the GHG Protocol, for purpose of further identifying opportunities for more efficient processes and service for our customers. 

We expect that through this initiative we will:

Regulatory requirements regarding disclosure of GHG emissions are becoming more likely. Carbon border adjustment mechanism (CBAM) is being implemented in the EU. Negotiations regarding a global arrangement to address carbon intensity in the steel and aluminum industries are underway. Significant funding from both the Infrastructure and Jobs Act and the Inflation Reduction Act is provided in support of industry decarbonization. These actions, and others, lead us to understand the importance of Friedman Industries preparing our organization to meet our industry’s future requirements. We know too, that our customers will look to us in support of their efforts, and that is something for which we have a long history.